We chose Third Light because they're 'API first'. They use their own software, and to us this counts for everything.

Michelle Dyason, Matrix Solutions, Inc., Canada

Our API is your API

Our software is developed by a team of creative and dedicated specialists whose objective is to make our code as useful and efficient as possible. For us, that means using an API to unlock the potential of modern browsers.

The API is explained in our documentation, and it's incredibly easy to get started!

We use an industry-standard REST API to power every aspect of our product. We offer 100% test coverage and a wide range of practical functionality. You can access this API too – for example, to includes images hosted on our CDN, to do cropping, uploading from custom workflow engines, and of course image resizing features. We even supply working examples of how to add a Third Light Javascript plugin to your CMS.

We realize that ready-made plugins for popular packages save a lot of time and make integration much simpler. Third Light comes with open source plugins for WordPress, Drupal and generic CMSes, and there are Python bindings and PHP examples in our documentation, too. We also provide Swagger and gRPC interfaces to help you get started.