Made for social media teams

Get more time to strategize, plan and add value to your feeds - while gaining valuable content insights.

Chorus helps you select and prepare assets in bulk, with no need for photo or video editing software.

Curate and prepare: collaborate in Chorus

Search for content to use in a social media campaign


Organize and curate digital assets for social media


Reformat, crop and resize files for social media posts


Automatically publish digital assets to social media


When there's a huge volume of posts to prepare, make sense of it all with a centralized, organized workspace for approved assets and creative conversations. Format your selections for multiple platforms and uses - all within the site itself, no software required.

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The tools that make social workflows... flow

Organize digital assets for social media

Signpost the assets they need

Content that everyone can find (and know how to use) delivers the best value. Twitter or Facebook? Familiar icons point users in the right direction.

Chat and comments in social media workflow tools

Gather and record feedback

The social landscape moves fast - but Chorus helps your team keep up. With comments built in, you can share feedback on files, collections and folders.

Crop and prepare images for social media

Crop for every kind of post

Every social platform has its own specs for media. The derivatives tool lets you generate multiple speedy, pixel-perfect crops, with no other software required.

Sync and share assets for social media using cloud-based digital asset management

Compile media for your team

It's quick and easy to curate the assets you and your team need to work with. Drag-and-drop additions mean collections are quick to make - and share.

Automatically post to social media channels

Automate posts with Zapier

Chorus's smart collections make it quick and easy to gather content for posts. You can schedule it all in bulk with our Zapier integrations, or even automate direct posting.

Statistics and reporting for digital asset management projects

Steer next steps with insights

As your content is published and repurposed, team activity and manual notes are recorded in the dashboard. Reports are accessible in real time, or summarized in regular emails.

Chorus supports the files you already work with...

Photoshop files Illustrator files JPEG files MP4 files GIF files

Want to see how Chorus works for other teams?

Sixt digital asset management case study

"The whole SEO and editorial team is using Third Light. We’re also starting to include the social media team for influencer collaborations. We now have an asset library that allows us to freely tag images as we like; we can search them based on those very custom tags; and, last but not least, we can easily download several assets at the same in the right format thanks to the custom pre-sets."

Francesco Ricci, SEO Manager Franchise - Sixt

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Frequently asked questions

Coordinating with other people is natural in Chorus, using comments and chat features that are built in. You can also use our labels tool to add social media icons to files, which are searchable. Presets for resizing files for each channel also help keep everyone on the right track when you have multiple channels using the same content.

You can bring files into local folders using Project Sync, or you can use Zapier to connect Chorus directly with over 3,000 different tools (including all of the popular social media management tools). Best of all, there's no coding involved and our Customer Success team are happy to help you out getting started.

Chorus can store metadata of all kinds, including web site links to external content. This means that when you find a file, it might have a label for Instagram and a link to the post where it was used - all in one, simple console view.

What does it cost?

While nothing beats the full Chorus experience, we don’t want you to pay for something you don’t use. Add the tools you need to our core system, to suit your own way of working.

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See how hundreds of companies - including household names and global organizations - rely on Chorus to drive their creative marketing projects and publish their brand assets.

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