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Store the photos, video and audio you've captured, ready for your team provide feedback as you stay connected with Chorus.

Designed by people with a passion for digital media, Chorus is a powerful place to host and polish your work.

Capture and share: collaborate in Chorus

Upload images and videos


Review images and videos


Edit images and videos


Tag images and videos


Assets you've created can be stored in smart containers and powerful metadata added with AI tagging. Different clients to supply? Create separate spaces and configure each one to meet their specific requirements.

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The tools that make photographic workflows... flow

Upload images and videos

Upload with confidence

Add your media to the cloud with a simple drag and drop. Lost connection? All is not lost - literally. It'll pick up again the second your Wi-Fi is back.

Get approvals all in one place

See approvals in one place

As uploads appear thick and fast from multiple directions, the workflow dashboard whips them into line for whoever's overseeing it all.

Thumbs up for feedback

👍 for feedback

Everyone's got something to say. The Comments tool captures your review notes in one place, right next to the files you're working on.

Sync files for instant updates

Sync files for instant updates

Edit files with Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, Capture One... any creative software, with no plugins required. The content you're creating with is automatically synced with Chorus.

Make thumbnails in a flash

Convert batches of files

Need a different file size, format, color space? The derivatives tool creates these versions without using any more storage. They're smart, too: reflecting any changes made to the master file.

Finished? Make it findable

Finished? Make it searchable

AI and folder tagging and batch editors make light work of the metadata that helps everyone find what they need. And for advanced users, the catalogs are fully configurable.

Chorus supports images, videos, and more...

Upload Adobe Photoshop files Upload RAW files Upload HEIC files Upload ProRes files Upload H.264 video files

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Southampton Football Club case study

"Before Third Light we just had basic folder structures, and trying to find images quickly with so many players, matches and images was so time consuming. Now we have Third Light, we just type a name into our library interface, and all images tagged with that players name will come up. Easy!"

Matt Watson, Club Photographer, Southampton F.C.

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Frequently asked questions

Project Sync has the file syncing capabilities you may have seen with more generic file storage solutions - but its power lies in the feature-rich media library behind it. You'll never need to install plugins. Just use or edit your media as usual, using any creative software. The Project Sync app runs on Windows or macOS and keeps your changes in step with Chorus, so no uploads or downloads are needed.

Yes, and it's free. We can send you a hard drive which we'll use to populate your site, or SFTP if that's easier for you. We can also migrate content from or Dropbox using tools that save you having to download everything first.

Yes, we have some great stories of how photographers have captured content direct from the camera back. Chorus supports SFTP uploads, so any tools you already use that can connect that way will also work with Chorus.

What does it cost?

While nothing beats the full Chorus experience, we don’t want you to pay for something you don’t use. Add the tools you need to our core system, to suit your own way of working.

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See how hundreds of companies - including household names and global organizations - rely on Chorus to drive their creative marketing projects and publish their brand assets.

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