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Chorus is the live workspace that drives collaboration for designers, producers and managers.

Create and produce: collaborate in Chorus

Create your project content


Review project content with the team


Edit project images and videos


Share finished designs and artwork from your project


If you're ready to share, people you're working with can see your latest work arriving in Chorus without needing specialist software. The result is a convenient and more natural flow, freeing you to focus on creative ideas.

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The tools that make creative workflows... flow

Flexible permissions and private spaces

Keep early work under wraps

Creativity doesn't have to happen out in the open - until you're ready to collaborate, that is. Your private space is a secure place to work on (and back up) early drafts.

Keep your content in sync between your desktop and the cloud

Work with any software

There's no need to download media for your layouts, or manage clunky plugins. The Project Sync app puts the assets you need straight on your desktop.

Sharing and team collaboration

Bring collaborators on board

Once your draft has taken shape, you can move it to a team workspace - and share the syncable, secure project folder with anyone who needs to be involved.

Chat and comments in your digital asset workflow

Start the conversation

There's a comments panel next to every project file and container in Chorus, so everyone can track progress and add their thoughts - even a quick emoji ☺

Digital artwork revisions and change control

Keep track of your changes

As you amend your project, each of your revisions is kept too. Want to step back to an earlier version? Simply restore files from the time-stamped list.

Converting complex artwork formats using digital asset management features

Get the right format, faster

When you're making graphics, the derivatives tool means you don't have to export different formats or color spaces. Update the master and they all change, too.

Chorus supports the files you already work with...

Sketch files Illustrator files Photoshop files InDesign files Powerpoint files

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Goodwood Festival of Speed Testimonial

"A very intuitive piece of software that allows straight forward browsing, sourcing and approval of images. Photographers can upload their imagery to one central, common holding area where they can be approved and then tagged with keywords so they can be easily found and accessed by our PR and digital team."

Paul Melbert, Design Studio Manager – Goodwood

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Frequently asked questions

Project Sync doesn't connect your software to a DAM site like a plugin does - it syncs files and folders on your desktop machine. You can use these files like any other local file. Whatever your software is, if it uses files on your Mac or PC, it'll work with Chorus too.

Chorus has the ability to preview files - including complex types like InDesign and Illustrator, audio and video. You can add people to your folders using the sharing tools. They'll get an alert to help them login to Chorus to explore. Alternatively, you can send links to quickly deliver files to people who don't have a Chorus account of their own.

Chorus has some perfect tools to help with this. If you save a new version then all shares and file links update automatically. That means that if they've been used on a web site, they'll immediately update. You can give distributors access to approved files in Chorus published link (a branded microsite) and they can bookmark the address without even logging into Chorus. And of course, you can use the powerful management features of Chorus like smart collections to make these shares dynamic.

What does it cost?

While nothing beats the full Chorus experience, we don’t want you to pay for something you don’t use. Add the tools you need to our core system, to suit your own way of working.

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