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Share and control the media that drives your company's storytelling.

Chorus supplies everyone with consistent, up-to-date and signed-off assets, and lets you know who's used what.

Publish and repurpose: collaborate in Chorus

Organize your brand content


Attach forms and licenses to digital assets


Share brand assets


Track how brand assets are used


When you're sharing your brand with the world, configurable controls make sure everything ends up in the right hands. From refreshed assets to multimedia storytelling, Chorus helps you work with the creatives producing your content.

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The tools that make content workflows... flow

Flexible permissions and private spaces

Help your users self-serve

Chorus spaces are there to help everyone find what they need, convert and download it - quickly, and without asking around or relying on busy art teams.

Attach licenses and usage rights to digital assets

Stay on top of usage rights

Does your media comes with licensing requirements, or feature people whose consent you need? File attachments keep everything linked in one place.

Digital marketing embargo and expiry tools

Protect time-sensitive assets

Does controlling when media can (and can't) be accessed take up your time? Embargo and expiry dates free up your attention for the next project.

Delivering new content to users with file synchronization from DAM

Push fresh assets to all users

Logo creep isn't an issue with the Project Sync app, which can push the latest brand assets to everyone's desktops - and remove expired files just as quickly.

Permissions and sharing controls for digital asset management

Choose the right way to share

It's quick to share curated media with collections. Embed codes are ideal for web use, and published links share multiple files in brandable content hubs.

Digital asset management statistics and reporting tools

Watch your content at work

The dashboard tracks the popularity of each asset, and records activity and notes for everything that changes. Managers can get regular PDF reports in their inboxes.

Chorus supports the files you already work with...

InDesign files Powerpoint files Illustrator files EPS files SVG files

Want to see how Chorus works for other teams?

Diabetes UK case study

"It’s very important for us at Diabetes UK to engage our audience through the use of real people and real stories and using Chorus means we can have all that content in one place securely. It allows users to upload to the library coming through an approval process, so me and my team can make sure that anything that’s being uploaded is still on brand."

Matt Wellham, Producer, Diabetes UK

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Frequently asked questions

If your media comes with licensing requirements, or you have model rights and consent forms that have to stay on record, you can use file attachments. This feature keeps everything linked in one place and is ideal for GDPR compliance uses, too.

Yes - it's quick to curate and share media publicly using collections or published links, which are trackable, brandable public-facing libraries you can create easily. Security features are built in, including the ability to watermark files or set expiry dates so they can't be used beyond a certain time.

They're super safe! We provide all the necessary computing resources - which include all storage, backups, processing, and hosting. You can read more here.

What does it cost?

While nothing beats the full Chorus experience, we don’t want you to pay for something you don’t use. Add the tools you need to our core system, to suit your own way of working.

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