Third Light expands Chorus webinar series to support marketing and creative teams

The follow-up Chorus webinar series, hosted by our award-winning Customer Success team, aims to support marketing and creative teams as they continue to adapt to the new ways of working. Covering a wide range of topics to address different use cases, including how PR teams can manage communications remotely, rolling out new software to ensure your team has a positive experience and how to handle change management within an organization, amongst other topics.

In these 30-minute interactive webinars, Guy and Marco will demonstrate how the remote working tools in a digital media library, like Chorus, can help you and your team to collaborate and save time. Offering numerous top tips, real-world examples and the opportunity to ask questions, the webinars are aimed at those considering using a digital media library in their organization, or already using Chorus.

"We use a light-hearted approach in our webinars with real-world use cases that demonstrate how our media library can be used, rather than demonstrating features by reading the manual for our attendees,” comments Danny Smith, Third Light’s Head of Customer Success, “the webinars can be like offering a tailored chat and demo to many people at the same time. They’re interactive with questions answered live, plus as they are recorded, our listeners have a great piece of collateral they can watch afterwards when convenient."

Customer Success

Chorus Webinar: PR teams, Managing communications remotely

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

15:00 BST - 15:30 BST


In this webinar, Guy and Marco will show how PR teams can use Chorus media library to share content across all of their channels, with some useful tips and tricks too so that they can continue to release communications when required, during these challenging times. Followed by Q&As

Chorus Webinar: Software rollout challenges

Thursday, June 4th, 2020

15:00 BST - 15:30 BST


How can you make software rollout easy for you and your team? In this webinar, Marco and Guy will discuss the common challenges faced by teams and how to ensure your users' rollout experience is a positive one! Followed by Q&As.

Chorus Webinar: Creative teams, managing projects remotely

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

15:00 BST - 15:30 BST


In this webinar, we’ll show you how creative teams can use Chorus media library to manage content efficiently, as we continue to adjust to our new working practices. You’ll learn how you can create, share, and manage content across all of your creative projects, with some useful tips and tricks too.

Chorus Webinar: Change Management

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

15:00 BST - 15:30 BST


Our Customer Success team continues to work with people from a diverse range of industries and specialties and in this webinar, Marco and Guy will highlight some of the ways different teams implemented successful changes, focusing on positive user experience. They’ll discuss best practices for handling change management within any organization, when implementing new software, followed by Q&As.

If there are any particular topics about Chorus or media libraries in general that you are interested in and would like us to consider, please contact the team, just

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