Latest Chorus update introduces major search performance improvements

Over the last few months the Development team at Third Light has been undertaking major work to revamp our metadata search engine and improve search performance in Chorus.

Following today’s Chorus update, search results and the Chorus facets (guided search tiles across the top of the page) will load significantly faster. In some cases, such as large sites with many metadata fields, these features are up to 800% faster than they were previously.

Searches in Chorus are now up to 800% faster

Importing and Exporting Users Via CSV

Chorus’ latest update also includes enhancements to how you manage users in your Chorus site. When managing a large number of external users, you can now simply import a CSV file to add these users in any Spaces you need them. To edit or delete external users, you can export the list, make the changes needed in a spreadsheet application and import the CSV file again.

New Workflow Features - Keep Track of Your Files Wherever They Go

As part of this release we have also added a new "Require Note" workflow to help you handle requests for files, providing quick, effective hand-off between users and managers. The notes are requested at the moment of use, and ask the user to explain how a file will be used. This information is recorded, helping managers keep track of where files go when they leave Chorus. These usage notes can be applied to requests to download, share, and when sharing files as a link.

New "Require Note" workflow in Chorus

Join us For our Next Webinar

Third Light's Customer Success team will be announcing a new Chorus webinar series for spring, where they will be demonstrating some of these latest features available in Chorus media library. To sign-up to these webinars, check for updates on this news page, on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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