Deploying digital asset management solutions to your clients is easier with Third Light. It's simple to customize and ready to use without any further development, reducing project timeframes and increasing quality. We work with resellers and distributors globally to make the most of this opportunity, including providing management consoles built specifically for resellers.

Roland Henry, Commercial Director, Third Light

Creative agencies

PR, Sales, Marketing Agencies, or Web Designers wishing to extend their services portfolio with a digital asset management system can use a Third Light software to provide a polished solution – deployed immediately, with no technical overheads. Give each of your clients their own, personalized digital media library. You can add even more value by either managing or customizing the service, or by taking ownership of its configuration and migrations from legacy systems that need to be retired and replaced.

System integrators and developers

Third Light provides an advanced solution for digital asset management, and is ideally suited for integrators and software developers to build into packaged solutions such as CMS software, or as a feature-rich replacement for other media management tools. Our bundled license and deployment management tools make it easy to embed Third Light into mid- to high-end solutions for multiple clients, at a dramatically lower cost than custom development.

Internet and cloud service providers

Integrating digital asset management helps to satisfy business customers and move beyond commodity hosting. Third Light software solves the common requirement for digital media management as a packaged solution, and enables ISPs and VARs to adapt and offer our software to discriminating, high value clients. Third Light software is designed to be scaled up to ISP levels, with mature and documented functionality that is ready to use.

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